Vanilla Feeds Tomorrow

Every Vanilla Purchase Fights Hunger

1 in 8 people in East Tennessee live in poverty and have difficulty meeting their basic needs. In an effort to try and help East Tennessee residents suffering from food insecurities, I am selling Vanilla Extract and donating all profits to Second Harvest Food Bank of East Tennessee. Each 8 oz. bottle of Pure Vanilla Extract is homemade using Premium Madagascar Vanilla Beans which will enhance the flavors in your baking. Every purchased 8 oz bottle will provide 42 meals to East Tennessee residents in need.


"I have always loved the taste of vanilla extract. When I bake, I like to add a touch of vanilla extract even if it is not called for. Enlightened of the struggle food banks are experiencing during the outbreak of COVID-19, I decided to start a nonprofit to raise money for a local food bank. All profits of my organization benefit Second Harvest Food Bank of East Tennessee."
-Our founder, William Cabaniss


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